Winter Home Maintenance Corpus Christi. Proper home maintenance is not the same for every property, particularly when you consider how climate plays into your maintenance plan. As you think about the winter maintenance tasks to include on your list, remember that the tasks will be different for a house in the midwest compared to one in Texas because homeowners in the Southwest enjoy a moderate climate and aren’t subject to the same cold, snowy weather, especially along the coast. Here are a few home maintenance tasks to complete when it comes to your Texas Gulf Coast property during the winter months.


Texas winters are not as extreme as in many other cities; but temperatures can drop fast and cold precipitation often makes an appearance, impacting the state in different ways. Homes along the Texas Gulf Coast are prone to cold storm surges and heavy rainfall (as opposed to snow) in winter, which should be the focus of coastal home maintenance in the winter months.


It is important that you address issues indoors, like checking your insulation in spaces like attics to make sure it is in good shape and doing its job to keep cold drafts out and warm air in. Further, make sure any cracks or gaps around windows and doors are sealed (even if you have to replace weatherstripping and/or add caulking on top of insulation) to prevent air leaks. You should also make sure to set your thermostat to an appropriate temperature.


It is also critical that you make sure fire safety measures are in place, including ensuring fireplaces and chimneys are safe. If you choose to use supplemental heating sources such as space heaters, remember to use caution and follow guidelines and instructions for safe use. Inspect your water heater as well, to make sure it operates as it should.


Other winter home maintenance tasks to complete at your Texas Gulf Coast home include clearing the roof and gutters of blockages (e.g., from leaves and other debris), removing any branches that are obstructing the roof, and draining your lawn and other yard areas if they have water pooled anywhere. Another good thing to do at this time is to clean the garage, garden shed, pool house, and any other areas that you might have neglected.


Winter Home Maintenance Corpus Christi. When it comes to the upkeep of your coastal home in Texas, it is key to have a regular schedule of preventative home maintenance so your home remains in the best possible condition. It will help you steer clear of problems in the future. 

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