Winter Home Maintenance Checklist:

Fall home maintenance is important no matter where you live, but crucial in a beach town. If you have not yet prepared your home for the cooler season, now is the time. Read on to learn a few maintenance tips to keep your house in shape through the fall.  


There are several home maintenance tasks inside your home that will prepare you for the cooler months of fall. One task is to have your heating system serviced before you use it for the first time. A fall inspection and tune-up are important to ensure safety and efficiency as you begin to use your heater throughout the fall and upcoming winter. You can turn off your air conditioner at this time and have it serviced as well.  

Another fall home maintenance task to complete is to have your fireplace and chimney inspected before you start using it. Make sure the chimney has no nests from birds or squirrels and then have it cleaned. Also, check the flue damper to make sure it opens and closes properly.

Sealing your windows and doors is also key as cool temperatures and fall winds blow in. Check windows and doors for drafts; if necessary, use caulk to seal the air leaks or add weatherstripping. This will help keep your home insulated and keep you warm while saving energy and utility fees.

If you did not check your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors during October, which is National Fire Safety Month, now is the time to do it! You should check both at least twice a year, in the spring and the fall. You should make sure they are in proper working order and be sure to replace the batteries in any that are not hardwired. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to test each device, and repair or replace as required.


Inspecting the exterior of your home for the fall is also essential. You should inspect your roof at this time, looking from the ground for broken or loose shingles and flashing that might need replacement. Your best bet is to get a professional inspection done, even if you don’t see anything yourself, because there could be other issues that need to be addressed. Note that immediate repair is best for roofs which could be damaged further if you wait, resulting in more work and higher costs.

It is also necessary to inspect rain gutters and the downspouts. The gutters and downspouts that drain the gutters direct water away from your home. Your rain gutters will need consistent checks as leaves fall and other debris collects in them because they could become blocked and cause major problems. Trimming back trees that overhang your roof and removing fallen leaves and debris allows for any needed repairs; this will ensure proper drainage which can help prevent roof shingle damage and roof leaks.

Siding must also be maintained. Clean, inspect, and repair your siding in the fall by power washing your house to remove some of the salt build-up and help prevent mold. The salt deposits and wind will impact your siding, but this basic maintenance can help extend the life of your siding somewhat.

You also should attend to any wood elements of your home, such as decking. You should check for cracks and other damage, and repair as needed. You can re-stain and seal your decking and other wood elements (e.g. trim) to ward off problems, using high-quality products suitable for coastal properties. 

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Written by: Erika Mehlhaff