Winter Home Maintenance Checklist 2020

As the autumn leaves continue to fall and winter approaches, you are likely beginning to decorate for the upcoming winter holidays. You also should prepare your home for the new season. There’s a lot to do to make your home ready, inside and out, for colder temperatures and weather anomalies or extremes. Besides things like washing, storing, and replacing your lighter-weight bedding to checking your home security equipment, there are many other things to add to your winter to-do list. Read on for five basic household tasks to take care of before winter arrives on your doorstep.

  1. Disinfected devices

Items that are handled regularly, such as cell phones, are perfect environments for bacteria to grow; anyone who handles these items comes into contact with that bacteria and ends up spreading the germs that have flourished on them. To decrease the possibility of illness, it is important to regularly clean and disinfect oft-handled items within your home like remote controls and game console controllers. To clean and disinfect these items effectively, use a commercially available product made specifically for electronics; or simply mix a bleach-and-water solution to spray onto a clean cloth for wiping your devices clean on a consistent schedule. (Do not spray any solutions directly onto electrical items, to avoid damaging the circuitry.)

  1. Layered linens

Once you have washed and stored your summer linens, you can replace them with warmer blankets and throws. You can add them to the bedding in each of your bedrooms, by placing an extra blanket at the foot of each bed. A change of linens encourages better, more consistent sleep, which in turn can help you maintain a stronger immune system. You can also warm up your other spaces by draping throws on couches and armchairs.

  1. Clean cooking

As the seasons change and you begin to use your stove and oven more often than your outdoor grill, make sure your range is ready! Cleaning your stove and oven is important because it helps maintain overall kitchen hygiene and health. It also helps get rid of “off” smells and eliminate any “smoking” that could develop while using a stove or oven with excess grease and grime.

  1. Winning windows

Washing your windows inside and out is another key task to complete before winter arrives. Cleaning out the seals and locks as well as filling any gaps to eliminate possible draughts will go a long way towards keeping you and your loved ones warm through the season. Touching up the paint of your window frames might also be in order, not only to spruce up their appearance, but to ensure they’re protected from winter weather elements like wind, ice, or even snow.

  1. Packed-up patio

Now is also the time to give bicycles, barbeque grills, patio tables and chairs, and outdoor toys a good cleaning, before storing them for the winter months. You should properly pack and store your patio furniture and other outdoor items during the winter, rather than leaving them out year-round, so it will last longer.

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Written by: Erika Mehlhaff