Winter Energy Saving Corpus Christi. Winter heating bills can be very expensive for homeowners. When it comes to winter utility costs, simple actions can save you money. Households everywhere are seeing higher energy bills from inflation and the pandemic-inspired shift to spending more time at home–as the winter chill settles over homes, keeping the heat, lights, and electronic devices operating has bumped costs higher than in the recent past. Fortunately, there are always ways to cut energy costs and still keep our homes warm and comfortable. Here are some energy-saving tips for the winter.


A key thing to consider is that heat often escapes through windows, but they don’t have to be open for this to happen; warmth can dissipate through the glass when temperatures drop. About 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows, according to the US Department of Energy. Closing the curtains during winter evenings can help reduce heat loss from an already-warm room; while opening curtains during sunny days can help raise the temperature in the room. Further, choose insulated curtains for your windows, to keep warmth in and cold out; insulated curtains can help maximize the energy efficiency of your windows. And don’t forget to check and reseal around the windows to address any drafts due to air leaks through gaps around the frames.


Your lights, electronics, and appliances can also have a major impact on energy use and utility costs in your home. Choosing ENERGY STAR products can help keep both low because they are the most efficient ones on the market. For example, keep costs low by choosing ENERGY STAR certified LED lightbulbs which are about 90% more energy efficient than other bulbs. Replace any old electronics, like TVs and other audio/video equipment, with ENERGY STAR certified electronics products; these can be up to 70% more efficient than conventional models. And choose ENERGY STAR certified household appliances, including things from refrigerators to dishwashers to clothes washers and dryers, to save money on operating costs by reducing energy use.


People also can reduce their home energy costs and improve energy efficiency in the winter by having their heating systems tuned up by a professional HVAC installation and maintenance company. Having your heating system serviced regularly is key to keeping it functioning at its best. Tune-ups and inspections of your heating system can uncover issues early so they can be fixed before more extensive or costly repairs are required. And if your HVAC equipment is not keeping your house comfortable and is over ten years old, the pros will be able to replace it with ENERGY STAR certified equipment, which has the highest efficiency ratings.


These suggestions can help keep you and your family comfortable as temperatures drop. Use these energy-saving tips to stay warm throughout the winter season, and to keep your energy costs low.

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