Homeowners value their property and maintain their houses to show their care and pride. They often make changes and upgrades that not only make their homes more livable and welcoming to others but also increase the overall value of their property. Completing projects inside the house can play a key role in boosting property value, but landscaping outside on the property is another important consideration: the impact of healthy trees on property value cannot be overstated.



Choosing trees for your landscape can be challenging, but not impossible with help from a professional arborist. Knowing what types of trees will make an impressive visual impact, serve a functional purpose (e.g., provide shade or screening, etc.), and boost your overall property value is easy with assistance from tree experts–arborists have the knowledge and skill needed to help build your landscape plan.


Professional arborists will make recommendations of trees that are compatible with your geographic location, including climate zone and planting sites; they consider things such as soil conditions, the quantity and quality of light, and spacing needs to avoid overplanting (i.e., crowding in terms of visual planning and root establishment). They will help you choose trees that will boost curb appeal while positively impacting property value.


A knowledgeable arborist will help you understand the importance of plant diversity in your landscape design plan and how it contributes to increased property value. A professional arborist will describe different tree species that would be appropriate for your landscape, including suggestions of native trees and “companion trees” that thrive in similar conditions as native species. An arborist will also be able to explain care requirements for your trees. 



If you are considering adding or removing trees from your existing landscape, think about getting a tree appraisal as part of your plan. Tree care experts can carry out a tree appraisal to help determine how impactful your trees currently are; the professionals will be able to help identify healthy trees you should keep (and if you should relocate them), as well as suggest trees to add (and where to add them) to your landscape design to boost your property value.


The increased value from the presence of trees on your property can be significant. According to Kathleen L. Wolf, a research social scientist at the University of Washington, Seattle, having mature, healthy trees planted in front yards and elsewhere throughout neighborhoods can add between 3% to 15% to property values in that location. The positive impact is due to the variety of health and quality of life benefits each individual tree in a landscape provides to homeowners and the community as a whole. Landscaping with trees provides many benefits to property owners in functional, aesthetic, and environmental ways, while increasing the overall value of your property.

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