Moving is an extremely challenging endeavor in the best of times; but during a global pandemic relocating is even more difficult and extraordinarily stressful. There are ways to make the moving process go more smoothly, though. Use these five moving tips to make moving easier.

     1.  Prepare and organize.

When it comes to moving, preparation and organization are key. Organize yourself by creating a relocation budget and making a list of all the things you will need to do (like make phone calls and forward mail) and to buy (such as labels and packing material). Then start checking things off the list—these are the physical steps of preparation for your move. Preparation should include things like sorting and filing important paperwork related to the move as well as documents that need to be hand-carried (including birth certificates, marriage certificates, financial documents, etc.); these can be filed in a small safe or secure portable file that you can transport yourself. It should also include taking photos of and pre-packing your most valuable and treasured items and labeling their boxes.

     2.  Hire professional movers.

Hiring a reputable, professional moving company will help simplify the moving process, so researching your options and getting cost quotes at the outset of your move is extremely important; also important is asking about safety measures and protocols the company has for protecting health and safety. Employing a team of professionals who know how to handle the major tasks of moving, from assisting with packing boxes to moving large items such as furniture and appliances, with efficiency means a smoother move that is time-saving, labor-saving, and even cost-saving.

     3.  Declutter.

Decluttering before the actual moving day is upon you is a significant tip. Getting rid of household goods and clothing that are no longer of use will create space for you to really see what you have that needs to be packed and taken with you to your new home—you will have less to pack! If you have time, take the purged items to a charity shop to donate them; otherwise schedule a pick-up well ahead of the move. Decluttering will help streamline the moving process.

     4.  Pack essentials.

Packing a box of essentials is also a worthwhile thing to do when moving. Fill a box with all the things that you might need during the move, including items like toiletries and medications, a small toolkit, disposable shoe covers, and trash bags. Keep this box separate from what the movers will pack; putting it with your safe is a good plan.      

     5.  Sanitize.

Another consideration when it comes to moving is cleaning, which is even more vital during a pandemic. Make sure to have cleaning products and disinfectants on hand, as well as materials such as gloves, hand soap, and paper towels. And having extra disposable masks and hand sanitizer available is also a good idea. Cleaning and sanitization should be done throughout the relocation process, followed by a deep clean of the residence after everything has been packed and removed from the premises. It should also be the first thing you do before moving into your new home, starting with isolating your belongings for 24 hours in a garage or shed (if possible) and wiping down boxes with disinfectant before opening them.
If you must relocate during the current pandemic, remember that the most important thing is to focus on safety. Taking your time and taking safety precautions before, during, and after your move is the key to a successful and safe experience.

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