Boating In Corpus Christi. If you’re someone who is relatively new to the world of boating, or even if you’re a veteran of the hobby, there are a load of ideas that you can make note of in order to make your next adventure an amazing one in Corpus Christi!

Here are three awesome ideas to consider for your next boating activities.

Corpus Christi Water Sports

Activities such as wakeboarding, tubing, and waterskiing are ones that can be fun for not only yourself, but for your friends and family as well. Even better, is that once you get bored doing one sport, you can simply move on to another!

What is Boatgating?


Yes, there is actually a thing that exists involving tailgating, but with boats! There are many football stadiums across the United States with harbors nearby that allow you to enjoy the experience of game day without having to leave your boat. However, it’s important to note that while every stadium may be different depending on the location in which you currently reside, you’re Sure to have quite the experience like no other!


Before you even consider this idea, it’s important to take the time to research the specific fireworks laws in the city and state in which you currently reside, as they vary quite dramatically. It’s also extremely important to mention that letting off some certain fireworks from your boat would actually be a pretty bad idea no matter what, so you’ll probably want to think twice beforehand anyway. Having said that, safer fireworks such as sparklers should be more than OK to take out onto the water with you and light off safely on a warm night. In fact, it could prove to be a pretty fun activity with family and friends, especially if it’s during the Fourth of July!

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