Things To Do In Corpus Christi This Weekend. Corpus Christi Bay is a large saltwater estuary, located at the mouth of the Nueces River on the Gulf Coast of Texas. One of few natural harbors on the Texas coast, Corpus Christi Bay has developed into a famous recreational area and is one of the most popular spots for locals and out-of-town visitors alike. Many take pleasure in exploring the area by car, and the scenic drive around Corpus Christi Bay is one of the most acclaimed activities enjoyed by residents and tourists.

The drive around Corpus Christi Bay, also known as the Beach Loop, is an easy addition to plans; the drive takes approximately an hour if no stops are made and if the local ferry is on time and does not back up traffic. If you prefer to stop along the way, the drive around the Beach Loop easily can be turned into a fun day trip. The most common point to start your drive is at the Corpus Christi Bayfront, located downtown–the stunning views of Corpus Christi Bay, the Harbor Bridge, and the T-heads from the Bayfront are always a great way to begin! Also of interest is the Bayfront Park and Splash Fountain which can be found at the north end of Shoreline Boulevard. 

Driving south on Shoreline Boulevard (which eventually becomes Ocean Drive) takes you past some of the most impressive stately homes in the area, with a sprinkling of beautiful views of the bay between them. After driving through this neighborhood, you will arrive at the campus of Texas A&M–Corpus Christi. Feel free to stop and explore the campus a bit, or continue your drive, following the Oso Bay shoreline to the right until you reach South Padre Island Drive. The second largest known Indian burial ground in Texas, left by the Karankawa Indian tribe, is located nearby.

Next, follow South Padre Island Drive towards South Padre Island. This part of the drive will take you across the Oso Bay, through Flour Bluff, and across the Laguna Madre (a long, shallow lagoon known for its hypersalinity); you will travel on the JFK causeway and cross the bridge to arrive on the northern tip of the Island. This is an excellent place to take a break, to look out over the Laguna Madre and possibly picnic before continuing your drive along the barrier island called Mustang Island.

Onward you will drive to Port Aransas. The road on Mustang Island parallels the coast, so you can see the beach as you drive. You can take one of many beach access roads if you decide to take another break for some sandy fun. (Look for designated public parking if you do not have a beach parking sticker.)

At Port Aransas, you will come to the ferry. Take the ferry (for free!) back to the mainland, watching for dolphins in the bay as you head towards Aransas Pass. You will have views of the Lighthouse Lakes and the flats of Redfish Bay along the way. Once you get to Aransas Pass, you will drive on towards Portland, where you will pass Sunset Lake and the Indian Point Pier as you continue across the Nueces Bay Causeway. This final leg of your scenic journey will lead you back to Corpus Christi, where your adventure began. You might want to end your trip with a visit to the USS Lexington and the Texas State Aquarium, before taking in a sunset over the Corpus Christi Bay and pressing all you experienced into your memory.

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Written by: Erika Mehlhaff