Things To Do In Corpus Christi In January. Whether you live in the city of Corpus Christi or if you’re visiting for the first (or tenth) time, there are all kinds of fun and exciting activities that you can enjoy, especially with the new year soon to be upon us.

Here are three fun activities to consider during the month of January in Corpus Christi.

*For those who are into fishing, this town is definitely one major hot spot. Situated on the Gulf of Mexico, the shallow bays are protected by barrier islands that are narrow, which provides for more excellent fishing conditions all year long. Anywhere you see water, you’re sure to find all kinds of people enjoying fishing. Depending on the time of year, as well as location, you can expect to reel in many different types of fish. Thanks to the many fishing guides that are currently available, Corpus Christi is considered to be one of the best places to not only book a charter, but also learn as much as you can regarding the fish that you catch, various fishing tactics, and answers to any and all questions that you may have.

*Families with children can also take advantage of all kinds of different family-friendly activities as well. For instance, you could choose to tour different historical sites, such as the USS Lexington, and taking a tour of one of the many local museums. Other great family activities include miniature golf, kiteboarding, sailing, and so much more.

*There are also plenty of activities to enjoy in Corpus Christi that don’t cost anything at all! For instance, there’s checking out the South Texas Music Walk of Fame, taking in the downtown area’s vibrant art scene, going bird watching, and so much more.

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