As winter arrives on the scene in Texas, homeowners across the state are enjoying the cooler temperatures of the season. Texans have begun turning off their air conditioners and turning on their heaters, so they can have cozy homes for the winter. With the switch comes the need to consider how to optimize the efficiency of their heating systems. Having an efficient heating strategy is important for homeowners so they can save money while staying comfortable and warm during the winter. One basic, but very important thing that homeowners should do to ensure efficient heating is to set their thermostats at the most optimal temperature possible.


The US Department of Energy recommends that homeowners keep their thermostats set between 68 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit generally. Keeping the thermostat set in this range while using an energy-efficient HVAC system certified by Energy Star allows homeowners to maintain their desired comfort level and save money at the same time. In the winter, the temperature should be closer to 68 degrees. This setting keeps the heating system from being overworked, so less energy is used and heating costs are lower. If the time has come to update your home heating system, there are several energy efficient options on the market from which to choose.


Texas homeowners can save both energy and money by adjusting their thermostats at different times. They can set the thermostat at one temperature when they are sleeping or away from home, and can adjust it when they are at home. Some people replace their thermostats with newer programmable thermostats to make this easier–using programmable thermostats allows for homeowners to set the temperature once for different days and times; they can set it and forget it! Programmable thermostats can be set to increase or decrease the temperature setting at specific times and on specific days for consistency, which is one way to save in terms of energy use; and money is saved when less energy is used. Further, if the thermostat upgrade is for a “smart” programmable thermostat, homeowners could be eligible for rebates from their local utility company, resulting in even greater monetary savings.


Keeping the thermostat setting of one’s home heating system at the most optimal temperature possible is an easy way to effectively manage energy consumption during the winter, while allowing families to stay warm and cozy. And it helps to keep utility costs low. To maintain the energy efficiency at home and save money, too, it’s important to pay attention to the thermostat setting. 
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