Texas Retirement – Retirement is the beginning of a whole new life! A life free of work (at least in the traditional sense), a life with extra room for hobbies and interests, and a life filled with family and friends that you love and care about. Planning for your retirement, and what you want to do with it, should be an exciting opportunity! We’ve compiled our top 10 tips to help you maximize and make the most out of your retirement golden years.

Financial Health and Wellbeing

  1. Finances are Key

It’s no secret, saving money for retirement is extremely important. You probably have either a 401k, a Roth IRA, personal savings, or social security savings, but it’s important to know exactly how much you’ll need to save to live the lifestyle you’d like when you retire, and budget it appropriately. Even if you feel like you’ve saved more than enough to carry you through retirement, it’s important to set yourself up for success by creating a monthly budget, and sticking to it.

  1. Take Health into Consideration

If you have pre-existing health conditions you are aware of, or a history of certain health conditions in your family, it’s vital to take those into consideration when you’re thinking about retirement. Do your health conditions require a lot of doctor’s appointments or extensive equipment or testing? Do they limit you from doing anything? While it’s imperative to keep a positive attitude and outlook on health conditions as we age, it’s equally important to factor in how they’ll impact your finances and your potential abilities once you retire. If you haven’t, consider talking with your doctor or other trusted health professional about your conditions and how they may impact you in the long-term.

Purposeful Life After Retirement

  1. Cross off your Bucket List

With your hours between 9 and 5 not being occupied by work, you have plenty of free-time now available to explore and cross of things from your bucket list that you’ve always wanted to do! Consider prioritizing your list in terms of cost and importance, and start checking away! Have you always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon? Do it! Maybe you’ve always wanted to paint landscapes like Bob Ross, but have never picked up a paint brush. Do it! Now is the time to do anything and everything you’ve been waiting for.  Texas Retirement

  1. Think About Your Goals

In your 20’s, your goals may have looked something like “buy a house in 5 years” or “upgrade to a newer car model”, but chances are you’ve accomplished many of these common life goals or milestones. So, now what? Well, that’s up to you! Sit down and think about where you’d like to see yourself in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, and beyond, and plan to put those dreams into reality.

  1. Visit Family & Friends

And we don’t mean just your family that lives close-by! If you have family that lives cross-country or internationally, now it the perfect time to visit them and get to know them a little better and experience the world from their geographical point of view. With all your new-found free time, you could even extend that visit into a full-blown vacation if you like the area.

  1. Don’t Stop your Education

Texas Retirement – Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been out of high school or college, but that doesn’t mean your education should stop once you stop working! If you have passions or subjects you enjoy or would like to learn more about, retirement is a perfect time to explore and learn more about yourself and the world around you. Take a cooking class, take an art class, read some books at the library, or explore other education options on the internet. Continuing your education can never be considered detrimental!

  1. See the World

So many of us spend our 20’s, 30’s and 40’s providing for ourselves and our family that we never get the chance to travel abroad, or even within our own country, but there is plenty to see, and more than plenty to do. If traveling internationally sounds intimidating, consider sticking closer to home and then branching out as you get more comfortable with traveling!

  1. Find a 4-Legged Friend

Having a pet adds not only a schedule and purpose to your daily routine, but having a pet can contribute positively to your health and well-being. Having a dog is a great way to get in extra exercise by walking them several times a week, and nothing feels better than a cat purring in your lap while you read. Having animals gives you a constant, loving companion!

  1. Prepare for the Good, and the Bad

Preparing for the good times it much more pleasant than preparing for potential emergencies or unexpected costs, but being prepared is always better than being stuck in a sticky situation. Some things to consider or prepare for include natural disasters, including those that could destroy your home or property, unexpected medical emergencies or negative developments in pre-existing conditions, the death of yourself or a loved one, or potential financial fraud or scams. Having a plan, especially a financial plan, for common tragedies or negative circumstances you may find yourself in will give you peace of mind, and will make life a little easier. Texas Retirement

  1. Volunteer your Free Time

Volunteering is a fantastic way to not only become more involved with your local community, but it also offers opportunity to spend time supporting organizations and efforts that you believe in or feel strongly about. Whether you’re volunteering at a homeless shelter by handing out food, walking dogs at an animal shelter, or donating clothing and other items to other charitable causes, volunteering your time as a retired person is one of the most selfless things you could do.

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