As the fall season settles across America, many travelers are thinking about Thanksgiving vacations. If you are looking for a cozy spot for that vacation, the Texas coast might be just the ticket! Visitors to the Texas Gulf Coast during the fall season will have plenty of things to do. Besides the numerous attractions, there are also many festivals and other events to experience. But most people head to the coast to spend some time outdoors. The biggest outdoor draw of the Texas Gulf Coast region are its beaches, of course, regardless of the time of year.


Texas beaches are open and accessible year round and make an excellent place to spend a fall break. The coastal weather is usually still warm enough to enjoy time outside in the fall. The beaches are warmer the farther south you travel, so heading to towns like Corpus Christi, South Padre Island, and Port Aransas are your best bet for experiencing the most comfortably mild temperatures. But beach time isn’t the only activity visitors love; there are plenty of other outdoor activities to enjoy along the Texas Gulf Coast.


Birding is a popular activity with visitors to the coast in Texas. Home to the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail, the Texas Gulf Coast offers people the opportunity to enjoy identifying and observing the wide variety of bird species in the area, especially those which appear only seasonally along the Gulf Coast each year. Another activity to enjoy in the region starting in the fall is coastal fishing. The area is well-known for its wide variety of gamefish which fishermen can reel in from the Gulf of Mexico. Other outdoor activities such as jogging on the beach, beachcombing, and seashell collecting are also enjoyed by those who visit the Texas coast in the fall months.


While summer is typically the most popular time of the year to visit Texas’ beaches, many travelers choose to take time in the cooler months of fall to enjoy the beauty of the Gulf Coast area. With so much to do, without the crowds of summer, fall is a more calm and quiet time to experience Texas beaches. If you are planning a vacation during your fall break, consider getting your rest and relaxation at a peaceful spot along the Texas coast.

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