Spring Cleaning Kitchen. For most people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It often serves as the central hub for family and friends to plan and crosscheck schedules, do homework, and gather for food and fellowship. Decluttering your kitchen allows you to clean and organize, improving the overall functionality, so you can feel comfortable in the space. Check out three key targets to declutter when you spring clean your kitchen.



One often overlooked target when it comes to decluttering a kitchen is the spice rack. Spices and herbs have expiration dates that should be checked every few months to ensure they are still fresh enough to provide the best seasoning possible when you cook. (If you cannot find a printed expiration date, trust your nose: another sign that the seasoning is not the best is if it has lost its odor.) Dispose of spices that are past their prime, and replace them with fresh ones. And remove any duplicates to keep the spice rack organized and easily accessible.



Do you have an overabundance of plastic storage containers in your kitchen? Culling some of them is a great way to save cabinet space and make it more organized. The first step here should be to match each plastic container with its lid; get rid of any unmatched items. Follow up by organizing the containers you choose to save–arrange them in your cabinet according to size/shape so you can make efficient use of them before they become weak and/or crack. You might even want to replace them all with more sustainable storage options, such as glass containers!



Another spot to attack is your cluttered junk drawer. The infamous kitchen drawer that is jammed with assorted household odds and ends needs attention every so often. Random, purposeless items often “hide” in the junk drawer. So, it is important to sort through the contents and discard and recycle worthless scraps like old mints and tattered to-do lists, and anything that is broken and unserviceable like spent ink pens and batteries. Give that drawer an overhaul to transform it into something that is neat and practical.


Targeting these basic areas in your kitchen can be the jump start you need to declutter the rest of the space. And once you’ve decluttered, your spring cleaning can begin in earnest. Taking time for a kitchen decluttering session will refresh the space and start you towards a more relaxed and comfortable room for your family to enjoy.

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