If you’ve been considering selling your house and wondering when the best time is to put it on the market, you will be happy to know that winter is a great season for sellers in Texas! This might be surprising to you because so many people focus on selling their houses during the warmer months of spring. But there are many advantages to selling at this time of year. Read on to learn three reasons to sell your house this winter.


While the housing market in the spring is typically saturated, there’s minimal competition for sellers in the winter. Winter is an excellent time to put your house up for sale because there are fewer homes on the market in the winter, which means buyers will focus more on your house than they might at another time of year. Having the attention of buyers is the first step to a quick sale.


Winter buyers are qualified, active, and serious about their home searches. These buyers are motivated because they often need to move quickly due to relocation for a job, an expired lease, or closing on the sale of their current home. They also discover they will be able to get a bigger bang for their buck in many cases, due to tax benefits in the form of deductions for things like mortgage interest and real estate-related taxes.


Real estate agents tend to have fewer clients during the winter which means they will have greater motivation for selling your home; they will be able to invest more time and attention in your home sale. Agents adjust their real estate marketing and sales strategies for the winter season, so they can focus more directly and effectively on the properties they are showing. For instance, they can include more digital strategies these days like virtual showings and video client meetings, for greater convenience during a season that is usually packed with events and activities or, like this season during the pandemic that requires more scheduling flexibility due to things like social distancing needs or requirements.

Winter is a great time to sell a home. Many people are looking for a new place to call home and can settle into their new abodes by the time winter vacations come to a close. Some will end up with the ultimate holiday gift of a house, where they can ring in the new year knowing they are comfortably secure in a new home. The trusted real estate agents of WEICHERT, REALTORS® – The Place of Houses are prepared to help you effectively navigate the current winter market, so you can sell your home quickly and for top dollar. They are a team of real estate experts with a track record of success when it comes to selling houses in the Corpus Christi area and other locations along the Texas Gulf Coast. Contact WEICHERT, REALTORS® – The Place of Houses to speak to a competent, licensed real estate professional today.

Written by: Erika Mehlhaff