Sell My Home Corpus Christi – Selling your home on your own without the assistance of an agent may sound like an easy task, however, you’ll need to know exactly what to do in order to get every bit of value out of your home sale that you deserve. The process of selling a home can certainly be a challenge, but it’s actually something that a lot of people do every single month across the nation, and even the world. While selling a home on your own is a daunting task, once you’ve learned partially about what is involved with the home-selling process, you’ll be able to see if it’s a task you’d be willing to try on your own.

If you’re thinking about selling your home yourself, your biggest motivator may be trying to avoid by paying any amount of real estate commission by looking to have a professional real estate agent assist you in your home sale. A realtor commission typically amounts to 6% of the total home sale price, which for some, the convenience of not having to deal with the nitty gritty of selling your home is worth that percentage fee. For instance, if you’re planning to sell your home for $400,000, that means you will end up having to pay a commission totaling around $24,000. On it’s own, $24,000 may seem like a lot of money, but in comparison to the total amount your home sells for and the amount of time it would take you to sell it yourself, that fee may seem fairly reasonable. If you’re still thinking about selling your home yourself, here are some useful tips to make note of in order to help you successfully sell your home on your own.

Determine Fair Market Value

Sell My Home Corpus Christi – First and foremost, you will need to determine what the fair market value of your home is, and it’s of the utmost importance that you get this number correct. If you end up pricing your home too low, you will end up not making as much money as you should be. On the other hand, pricing your home too high can result in the home itself not selling for upwards of a few months, if not longer. Some of the most common methods that you can use to determine your home’s fair market value includes using online real estate valuation websites or consider hiring a qualified and licensed appraiser that is familiar with home values in your area.

Prep Your Home for Sale

Once you’ve determined the fair market value of your home, you will then want to start preparing your home for the sale itself! More specifically, imagine yourself as a buyer by walking through your home and asking yourself what you wouldn’t like about it if you were looking to purchase it. If you find that this is something that might be difficult to do since you own the home, it may be best to get an objective third party to do it, such as a trusted friend or family member who will be honest with you. Additionally, you will want to further prepare the home by making any minor repairs that need to be addressed, repainting or touching up any rooms that require the attention, taking care of any cleaning tasks, and clearing away unnecessary clutter or personal items.

Market Your Home

Sell My Home Corpus Christi – Once your home is ready for sale, it’s time to let the people know that your home is up for grabs! There are a few different ways in which this can be done, such as utilizing a “for sale”yard sign, creating sales brochures and/or flyers, posting ads online, and hosting weekly open houses, hosted by you, of course!


Negotiations involving the sale of the home is one of the most important parts. It’s almost certain that a potential buyer will make an offer that’s below the asking price that you list. Additionally, they may also include a few conditions that you may not be too fond of, such as requesting that you pay all closing costs or complete a few updates prior to sale. Of course, you may find yourself going back and forth with a potential buyer in the event that an offer they make isn’t acceptable to you, but, that’s all part of the negotiation process. On the other hand, once all basics have been agreed upon, a contract will then need to be drawn up detailing everything, including any and all contingencies.

Time to Close

The final part of the process is, of course, the closing! This is something that is considered to be more of a legal affair, meaning it is handled by either a title agent or closing attorney. As the seller, you will be the one to decide who handles the closing, and they will, in turn, inform you of what all of the necessary procedures are. 

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