by Erika Mehlhaff


Mudroom Makeover. Summer came and went at the Texas Gulf Coast, with many a day at the beach. Maybe you noticed through the season that some areas of your home could use an upgrade to work better for your family. Now that summer is drawing to a close, you might be considering making a change to make your mudroom more functional. Here are three tips for embarking on a mudroom makeover in your home.



The first considerations you should make when planning your mudroom makeover are size and location. If yours is small and compact or large and spacious, you will need to think about things like when it is most used. Does your family enter and exit your home through the mudroom daily? Is it mainly used when coming or going from the beach, but not so often otherwise? Is it a shared space, in combination with a garage entry or laundry room? These things will all impact your overall mudroom design.



Another consideration for upgrading your mudroom is which materials to use for flooring, storage elements, and textiles, like mats or rugs. You will want materials that can stand up to outdoor elements that get tracked inside, including water and beach sand. Choose materials that aren’t likely to rust or rot, stain or soil, and that can be easily cleaned as needed.



As for how to organize your mudroom, think about your habits and lifestyle. You might need more hanging storage and/or hooks for things like jackets, umbrellas, or even towels. Or maybe you want to add shelving or cubbies with baskets to store smaller items such as hats, sunscreen, and swim goggles. If you want to keep people from tracking dirt and grime inside, you might want to also add footwear storage, possibly beneath a bench where they can sit to remove their shoes.


Mudroom Makeover. Having a functional mudroom is important for making your life easier in terms of keeping the main areas of your home clean and tidy. Picking a good layout, using materials appropriate for your lifestyle, and choosing storage and organization elements that meet your needs are key when it comes to making the space work for you and your family. A well-designed and well-appointed mudroom can really make your home feel welcoming and comfortable.

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