Creating and nurturing a beautiful landscape in Corpus Christi is almost effortless, thanks to a great climate with ample rain and a warm growing season that lasts all year. If you’re thinking about updating your home’s landscaping, the following tips will help cage your design perspective and keep your project on track.

Tip #1: Planning

Your first step is to sketch a landscape plan for your property. A plan is key for making sure that you have sufficient space for all the plants you want to include.

Tip #2: Choosing Plants

In Corpus Christi, incorporating native plants into your landscaping plan is a great way to make sure your landscaping lasts. It also makes yard maintenance that much easier! Native perennial plants that do well in the Coastal Bend area include mondo grass, sago palms, daylilies, and honeysuckle.

Tip #3: Planting Trees

Planting trees is an important part of landscaping as well. Though trees take a long time to grow, planting some is a good long-term investment towards adding shade (not to mention adding to the natural habitats of garden helpers like birds and insect pollinators). Some great trees to consider include cedar elm and live oak trees.

Tip #4: Mulching

Mulching your landscaping is beneficial when it comes to landscaping your Corpus Christi home. It helps to conserve moisture which will reduce your additional watering needs. It also helps prevent weeds from growing and helps regulate the soil temperature so plants can grow strong root systems.

Tip #5: Caring for Lawns

In Corpus Christi, mowing your grass is the key to growing and maintaining a healthy lawn. Mowing helps to control weed infiltration cut back on the probability of your lawn becoming diseased. And deeply watering once a week for at least an hour will allow the water to penetrate the soil so the grass roots become more established and yield the healthiest possible turf.

Tip #6: Fertilizing Your Lawn

Fertilizing of your lawn should occur in late spring when the grass is actively growing; during this time, your lawn is ready to absorb the added nutrients.

Tip #7: Adding Color

Adding color is a great way to liven up your landscape. By adding colorful plants, you can create a more inviting and exciting landscape. Include flowers and plants such as zinnias, moss rose, coreopsis, agapanthus, and caladium throughout your yard.


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Written by: Erika Mehlhaff