Is Corpus Christi a Safe Place to Live? On October 31, people celebrate Halloween by attending fall festivals and parties and dressing up in costumes and collecting candy in the evening. It is a night of sweet treats and fun for many people. But it is a night of mischief for others. This mischief often turns to mayhem for homeowners who tend to experience a major increase in vandalism and property damage on Halloween. But there are several easy ways to make sure your home remains secure. Read on for some key home safety tips that will help you keep your home safe this Halloween.


When the costume-clad trick-or-treaters step out for the evening, it’s customary to turn on your porch light so they know you have candy to offer. But keeping other lights on around your property and inside your house is more important when it comes to making sure your home is protected. Exterior lighting with motion sensors helps illuminate otherwise dark corners and eliminate shadows around your property; this decreases the places where criminals might hide. Interior lighting helps as well by signaling that the home is occupied–even if you have stepped out for the evening, it is a deterrent to criminals. Strategic lighting can help keep trespassers and intruders from targeting your home.


Since homeowners are focused on the Halloween trick-or-treaters that knock on their front doors, it is important to secure all your other doors and windows. Use the built-in locks and other security features like window pin locks, strong and lockpick-resistant deadbolts, reinforced door hardware, and window/door alert sensors while you hand out candy at the front door. And don’t forget to park your car(s) in the garage and secure those doors as well. Securing these entry points to your home is an important layer of protection to make home invasions less likely on Halloween. 


Is Corpus Christi a Safe Place to Live? You also should employ your home security cameras on Halloween night. Make sure they are functional and positioned well enough to capture an unobstructed view of the area around your home. Turning on your cameras while you distribute Halloween candy is a good security hack because it functions like a second set of eyes for you as you attend to visitors at your front door. And if you plan to go out with your own trick-or-treaters or to attend an event away from home on Halloween night, using your security cameras is even more important. Make sure they are working when you turn on your professionally monitored home security system as you leave your house.

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