Is Corpus Christi A Good Place To Retire – For many people, their dream is to ultimately be able to retire and relocate somewhere that contains an amazing beach; however, they also don’t want to spend so much money as a result. Perhaps the best solution to this would be to consider retiring in the Texas Gulf Coast area, specifically Corpus Christi. While this location may not exactly be someone’s first thought, especially if they’ve never lived in the south before, the area’s affordability and natural beauty is a great combination to keep in mind.


Here are three great reasons to consider retiring in Corpus Christi.


Corpus Christi Cost Of Living


1. Low Living Costs – Is Corpus Christi A Good Place To Retire – In terms of housing prices, homes in this area are listed as being well below the actual national average. For instance, the average home sells for around $200,000, while apartments are found to be in the range of $1,200 to $2,000 per month. In addition, the overall costs of transportation, healthcare, and food are also below the national average as well.

Corpus Christi Weather Year Round

2. Amazing Weather – All year round, the state of Texas has some of the most beautiful weather conditions. Generally, the climate is warm with sunny skies and a splash of cooler weather throughout the winter, meaning that visiting the beach is something that can be done at virtually any time.

3. More Relaxed Neighborhoods – In the state of Texas, the coastal area spans for approximately 350 miles and includes the following:

  • Islands
  • Peninsulas
  • Towns
  • Cities
  • Natural beauty (i.e. native birds and wildlife)
In terms of development along the coastal area, this is considered to be a more urban style that is designed to incorporate the following:
  • Mixed housing
  • Walkability
  • Community transportation

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