Homes For Sale Corpus Christi TX – Many homes and businesses across the United States have taken the step of transitioning to more clean energy rather than staying with a more traditional fossil-fuel electricity grid. As a result, home solar panels are become even more popular and truly deserve more credit than they have previously received.

Here are four important things to know in regards to home solar electricity.

How much does it cost to put solar panels on your house in Texas?

In terms of how much solar panel systems generally cost, this is something that depends on both the state in which you reside and the overall size of the system itself. However, the best way to calculate the total cost of solar electricity across various system sizes is in dollars per watt, which is something that indicates exactly how many dollars solar will end up costing per watt of total available electricity production. For instance, last year, homeowners were paying an average of $2.96 per watt, meaning that for an average 6,000 watt system, this price means that you would be paying approximately $17,760 before tax credits and rebates this year.

Is it better to put solar panels on roof or in the yard?

Many homeowners also wonder if they will be able to obtain a solar panel system for their roof if their roof doesn’t actually qualify as being suitable enough. Thankfully, there are two different methods in which this can be achieved – ground mount solar installations and community solar gardens. Essentially, this means that you can still access solar power from the sun without actually having to install anything on your roof. Ground mount systems are a great way to both own and install your own system while not having to worry about any issues involving your roof, while community solar installations will enable you to connect with members of your neighborhood or other group to share solar power.

Will you stay in the home?

Some homeowners also tend to wonder whether a solar power system will actually make sense if they don’t plan on being in their home after they install the panels. Generally, solar panels can last anywhere between 25 and 30 years. Thankfully, these panels can actually increase the overall value of your property and can also expedite the actual selling process when the time comes. Thankfully, the housing market these days is filled with buyers who are always excited about the idea of purchasing a home with solar panels, as it offers the benefit of not having to pay any money for energy bills.

Do you get enough sunlight?

Oftentimes, the question is asked involving how much of your home can be powered using solar electricity. While the ideal answer to that question would be 100%, it’s never realistic to always expect that exact level of production every single day throughout the week. In fact, some of the leading solar manufacturers recommend that homeowners always factor in a 25% cushion whenever they calculate their target for solar panel offset. The biggest reason for this is that solar panels aren’t able to operate at a maximum amount of efficiency at all times, as there will be days when grid connection is needed in order to fully cover your power usage.

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