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Decorating your coastal home while considering the seasons can seem daunting when your main interior design theme is so specifically related to the sea. But there are a variety of fall decorating ideas that can be used in your coastal home without having to reimagine your entire home design. Rustic coastal decor is one stylistic choice many enjoy when decorating for the fall because it is easy to combine beach elements with earthy fall elements. 


Some rustic coastal decor elements are pinecones, branches, and tree leaves like palms and bayberry. You might also incorporate dried eucalyptus leaves. These can be combined to create wreaths, table runners, and mantle swags; they are also good choices for arrangements in vases. Add some pumpkins and other decorative gourds to add touches of color to the neutral base these elements provide. Intermingling these and other traditional harvest elements like dried corn and wheat stalks in combination with traditional coastal elements such as dried starfish, seashells, and colored sea glass can be very effective.


Including candles and/or lanterns in your rustic coastal decor can also add to the fall feeling. Choose scented candles that reflect the season–pumpkin spice is a common, easy-to-find scent, but also consider apple-cider-scented candles, those offering whiffs of cinnamon and vanilla, and candles with forest notes like pine, cypress, and juniper. If you include lanterns in your decor, surrounding them with a combination of the harvest and coastal elements already mentioned is a nice way to feature them.


Adding texture as another thread of warmth and coziness in your rustic coastal fall decor is another way to enhance the seasonal ambiance in your home. Incorporating driftwood and/or reclaimed wood as a core material can help you accomplish this, tying your look together; highlight unique pieces that have distinct grain and/or textural finishes. Also, using a variety of pillows and blankets, in beachy neutrals or traditional fall hues for pops of color, is another easy way to create a greater sense of homey comfort. Layer pillows and blankets in supersoft fabrics and textures on your sofas and chairs, or put out just a few and store additional ones in a decorative basket. And don’t forget to put extras in bedrooms, too!


It’s not difficult to make your coastal home feel cozy for fall, especially using rustic coastal decor options. Making small adjustments and additions to your decor is all it takes. Fall decor can actually enhance the coastal look and feel of your home.


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Written by: Erika Mehlhaff