Guest room tips Texas

When winter arrives on the scene in Texas, the drop in temperatures is a welcome break from the typical warmth across the state. Texan winters are generally milder than in other places in America. So, when the cold winter sends shivers down the spines of people outside of Texas, they often make plans to visit the warmer climes. If you will be hosting friends or family in Texas this winter, you will want to make your guest room into a warm and welcoming spot, to take your visitors from dreary to cheery.


There’s no better time than winter to warm up your guest room for visitors. The interior decor of the room can be updated to transform the space into a cozy place for a respite from the cold. Do you need some guidance on how to spruce up your guest room to ensure that your visitors experience that sense of coziness and comfort? Read on for three basic elements to include in your guest room to create a snug retreat.



For a relaxing and restful guest room that will put your visitors at ease, you should first consider that your furnishings evoke a sense of calm and tranquility. Use textures and colors that lend themselves to that feeling. Start with the bedding: choose soft sheets and pillowcases, and layer a blanket made from warm fleece or washable wool on top. Then add a coverlet or quilt in a weight that is appropriate for the temperatures where you are. The layers of bedding provide options for guests to customize their level of warmth.



Another consideration for your guest room should be the window treatments. First of all, make sure the window coverings are quality–the highest quality you can afford without breaking your budget. Choose window coverings that help prevent drafts or that are insulative, to keep your guests as comfortable as possible. Blackout blinds or shades are a good option to use, as they can help with keeping the room temperature just right, while also providing privacy and light control. Add a layer of curtains to make windows more attractive, without being fussy.



Your winter guest room refresh is a good opportunity to address any lighting issues in the room. Sometimes all it takes to soften the harshness of overhead lighting is the installation of a dimmer switch. If your guest room has inadequate lighting (or possibly NO lighting at all), adding lamps is a good way to brighten and warm up the room. Depending on the space and layout of the room, lamps might be perfectly placed on nightstands or the dresser. If there are few surfaces for small lamps, floor lamps might be your best lighting option–for instance, you can tuck one into a corner or next to a chair to add light to the room.



Consider including some thoughtful details, like a water pitcher and glasses on the nightstand, a basket holding extra toiletries like shower gel and toothbrushes, fresh flowers in a vase, and access to electronic device charging cords (for both Apple and Andriod devices).

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