As the fall gives way to winter, many people begin to change their home decor to reflect the new season. When is a good time to switch out your pumpkins and turkeys for pinecones and snowflakes? Late November is usually the time when people transition their home decor, replacing the autumnal with the wintery furnishings and accessories. Read on for some tips for transitioning from your fall home decor to your winter home decor.


Some of the easiest ways to make a seasonal change to your home decor is to modify things gradually. Many people include evergreen foliage in their fall decor, so gradually adding wintery accents is a great idea as the winter holidays draw near. For example, remove the mini pumpkins and gourds, perhaps, and add decorative snowmen and faux snowflakes.


Candles are another easy way to make a home decor change. Displaying candles in groupings of different shapes and/or sizes can make a room feel comfortable, provide an inviting ambiance, and set a cozy mood. Candles exude a welcoming warmth. The glow of candlelight that a creative candle arrangement offers is an excellent addition to winter decor.


As the temperatures drop, another thing you might want to consider changing in your winter home decor is the soft furnishings. The addition of throw pillows and blankets in heavier, warmer fabrics such as fleece or wool adds both texture and a sense of comfort. And fluffy rugs do the same while warming up cold floors. Changing the pillows and blankets, towels and rugs is a great way to warm up a living room, bedroom, or other communal space in your home. 


Other details you can add to transition your fall decor to winter decor are natural elements. Whether you add a few simple displays of pinecones or tables set with winter floral arrangements, these natural touches will brighten your decor and chase away the chill of winter. They can cheer up your spaces and bring warmth and life to your home.


You might also want to consider adjusting your color palette for the season as well. You can warm up any room with a color change. Your winter decor colors contribute to the way you want your home to feel, whether you are entertaining or spending time with close family. Transitioning your color palette from fall to winter will help you spruce up your entire house.

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