Because many families set out to buy houses when summer arrives with its vacation time and school breaks, fall is sometimes overlooked as a prime time to make a real estate investment. The fall is a good time to buy or sell a property for a variety of reasons. For one thing, there tends to be less competition in the market for buyers. For another thing, many sellers who are serious about getting the offers they want take advantage of that.


Fall is a good time for buyers interested in finding new homes because competition for houses decreases; it is considered to be the real estate off-season. This puts buyers in an excellent position to negotiate with sellers, to secure properties at prices close to their target offers. This is often possible in the fall because sellers often are motivated to sell before the holidays arrive.


Sellers also tend to be more serious in the fall than many people think. Some sellers have been attempting to sell since the spring or summer. They might have listed their homes for more than buyers were willing to spend, or entered the market during a property glut, and are now ready and eager to enter into contract with buyers. They even might be willing to reduce their asking prices to that end–with fewer buyers, sellers might be more inclined to take lower offers. And with the possibility of there being a decrease in market inventory, buyers may be so eager to purchase that they make offers closer to the top of their budgets.


Fall buyers also can take advantage of real estate tax breaks in many cases, a key consideration for all but especially first-time homebuyers. Why? Property tax and mortgage interest payments are both tax-deductible that can be taken for income over the course of the full year, even if the closing on a home occurs in December; those deductions can make a major difference in the amount buyers might owe in taxes.


Another consideration is that buying or selling a home in the fall can mean more personal attention from realtors. Real estate agents, mortgage lenders, title companies, and moving companies are usually not as busy in the fall as they are at other times of the year. This means they often can respond more quickly to their clients and address their needs and concerns more immediately and in greater depth.

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