by Erika Mehlhaff


Coastal homes have some connection to the water, whether they are beachfront, water-view, or even just in-town properties that experience many of the same weather conditions and climatological circumstances. No matter what specific location, all coastal properties need exterior home repairs that focus on the effects of the local environment.

If you have a coastal property, you cannot neglect exterior maintenance. Aside from the impact on the curb appeal, such neglect will also impact your pocketbook because an unkempt home yields more significant problems that will cost more to repair in the long run. You might very likely need help from home maintenance professionals, but there are many tasks you can tackle on your own as well. For instance, you can powerwash your home annually to mitigate salt damage and maintain the exterior paint year-round; and you can have the property fully repainted every few years. You can also seal wood surfaces such as decks and remove any rust and corrosion from metal surfaces like stair railings and outdoor light fixtures.

According to the home insurance comparison site The Zebra, being exposed to the elements in a coastal region can take a serious toll on a house. “The salty air and humidity can rust metal doors, windows, motor vehicles and outdoor equipment. Strong winds can damage the house and outdoor equipment over time, and the humid air and coastal rains can trap dampness, resulting in mold. The costs of preventing or fixing these issues vary. Every year, set a time to run through a home maintenance checklist to minimize worsening problems.” Further, there are natural disasters and severe weather to consider since those things cause damage that requires repair over and above regular maintenance.

Taking care of coastal homes means having to be prepared for maintenance impacts from things like salt air and humidity from storms and floods. It means understanding that such properties require more regular exterior maintenance than other, more traditional properties, as they are constantly exposed to the elements. Make sure to take as much care as you can and search for “exterior home repairs near me” when you need to call in the professionals for exterior handyman services and maintenance on your coastal property.

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