Corpus Christi Outdoor Activities – The beach is one of our favorite places to go, and with as many beautiful beaches there are in Corpus Christi and the surrounding area, the ocean is almost always within a stones throw! While the beach is usually all about soaking up the sun, playing in the surf, and getting in some much needed rest and relaxation, what about fitting in a little workout? Before you say “no way!” hear us out! Physical fitness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, especially for folks who have made their way out to Corpus Christ for retirement and want to be in shape to keep up with grandkids!

Regardless of your age or fitness level, there is a beach or ocean workout that can work for you! Plus, once you’re done with your workout, is there anything better than lounging on the beach or floating in the ocean with an ice cold water bottle? We can’t think of anything! Keep reading for some ideas on why you should take your fitness routine to the beach.

Ditch the Treadmill

If running or walking is your preferred exercise of choice, going to the gym to stare at a wall or a screen while you get in some cardio isn’t the most fun option. However, going to the beach? Much more interesting to look at than the inside of a gym! Take in the beauty of the sand and the ocean waves while you go for a job or walk.

Walking on sand or running through the surf adds a little extra challenge that you wouldn’t find at a regular gym, plus, no gym shoes required! If you’re planning a long walk or run, we recommend going earlier in the morning, or in the evening to avoid the hottest parts of the day, and of course bring along plenty of water to keep you hydrated!

Things To Do On The Beach In Corpus Christi

Say Hello to the Sunrise (or Sunset!)

Corpus Christi Outdoor Activities – The beach is a perfect setting for a sunrise, or sunset, yoga and meditation session. Yoga is all about focusing on your breathing, connecting your mind and body, and the sound of the waves and sight of the sun coming over the horizon can be a perfect to get yourself into the yoga zone. Doing yoga at the beach is also a great option if you have joint pain, because the sand is soft and forgiving, and cradles knees, wrists and elbows, unlike a regular yoga mat on a hard floor.

If yoga isn’t your thing, even just a 15 or 20 minute stretching session before you leave the beach for the day is a great way to work on flexibility, and the calming environment can help you focus on really giving your hamstrings and other muscles a much needed stretch.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Or your canoe, kayak or paddle board!  Hitting the surf with a paddle can help workout your entire body – arms, legs and abs included – and what better place to give it a go than the ocean? A calm day with little wind or waves is a great time to bring your kayak or paddle board to the beach, and allows you to take breaks and just float along in the ocean when your arms get tired from paddling. Be sure to bring along extra sunscreen and a lot of water. When you’re out on the water, it’s easier for your skin to get burned and you can get extra dehydrated.

Don’t have a canoe, kayak or paddle board of your own? Don’t sweat it! There are plenty of places in the Corpus Christi area where you can rent one to try before you make an investment in one of your own to keep strapped to your car whenever the mood to sail strikes. Make sure to bring a life vest, and preferably a buddy, if you plan on rowing out to deeper parts of the ocean!

Ocean Aerobics

Water aerobics are a great way to boost heart health, and being in the water can help your blood circulate. While normally water aerobics are done in a pool, there’s nothing stopping you from taking a dip in the ocean instead! Water aerobics are a great option for people with joint pain or who don’t have a full range of movement because water, especially salt water, helps you partially float and stay buoyant, so you’re not putting the full weight of your body on your joints. Find a spot where the water hits you about waist deep, and remember that water aerobics are done vertically, so no swimming should be required! If you’re not a strong swimmer, considering bringing a life vest along for extra safety.

Corpus Christi Running Club

Get a Group Going

Corpus Christi Outdoor Activities – Fitness is often better with a friend! Take a look online or at a local community center to see if there are any pre-existing beach workout groups or classes that you could join if you would prefer to work out with a group of people! Don’t see something that strikes your fancy? Make your own club or group! Plus, after your workout, you can spend time at the beach with your group and get to know them and potentially make life-long friends. Sounds like a win-win-win to us!

Any way that you can fit physical fitness into your schedule is great, but wouldn’t it be just a little more fun if you could do it at the beach? Combining physical fitness and relaxation is all about balance, and even more to do with having fun!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog, and we’re happy to have helped you learn more about how to take your fitness routine to the beach! We specialize in Corpus Christi real estate, and we also inform readers about what is up-and-coming in the Corpus Christi community.