How to Stay Resilient and Grow Yourself during COVID-19

Corpus Christi Social Distancing Activities:

Have you ever heard the expression to “bloom where you’re planted?”

It is a saying that basically means to take advantage of opportunities, so you can thrive regardless of circumstance or situation.

Corpus Christi Covid – While the world is being held captive by the COVID-19 pandemic, the suggestion to “bloom where you’re planted” is more valuable than ever. But knowing what it means and knowing how to act on that suggestion are two entirely different things. What might it look like to an average person?

Corpus Christi Social Distancing Activities


One way to embrace this is idea is to think about it somewhat literally: get outside and start your very own garden!

It is often said that Texas knows but two seasons: winter and summer. And while not exactly true, it can seem that way because the fall and spring seem to be swallowed by the winter and summer which have more robust weather patterns. Knowing this about the Texas climate is a great help to aspiring Texas gardeners, who will discover that they will be able to grow many winter and summer flowers and crops well outside of the actual calendar seasons that limit gardeners in many other states.

Temperatures in the mid- to upper-90s are prevalent from May through September across most of the state, making summer an excellent time to prepare the soil for planting vegetables like brussels sprouts and broccoli, carrots and corn directly from seed (or transplant, if seeds get started indoors ahead of time) in August and September. One way to prepare the soil is to plant “cover crops.”

Corpus Christi Gardening

Summer in Texas is a good time to plant cover crops in your garden, because such plants are quick-growers that function as soil-savers. That simply means that they provide weed control and help keep garden soil loose, so the soil is not difficult to cultivate later. Some cover crops that do well in the Gulf Coast area of South Texas where Corpus Christi is located include edibles such as fast-germinating legume known as black-eyed peas (aka cowpeas). Flowers that will bloom throughout the sweltering days of summer are easy-to-grow zinnias and sunflowers. Your garden will be prepared for more robust fall planting if you plant a few different cover crops during the summer months. 

Most people know that Texas summers are sunny and extremely hot; and they likely believe that starting a garden during the summer in Texas is very impractical. But with a little guidance and a little effort, it can be done! In this time of social distancing, there is no reason to become completely isolated from the world; and gardening can help! Planting and tending a garden serves as a great health and wellness tool; it helps with mental health as a stress management technique, and even functions as a source of exercise. In a world gripped by circumstance—the unprecedented global health crisis of COVID-19—gardens continue to grow; and people can continue to grow through gardening. Getting outside to grow food and flowers really can encourage you to grow, and truly bloom where you’re planted!

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