Coastal Landscaping Ideas – Whether you’re trying to sell your current house, or you’re just looking to give the outside of your new house a modern update, landscaping is a fun, and inexpensive way to give your home a curb-side facelift!

If you’re not sure where to begin, don’t stress, check out some of the top landscaping trends of 2019 for some inspiration for your next landscaping project.

Low Maintenance Coastal Landscaping

Wouldn’t it be great if landscaping was mess-free and didn’t require much up-keep? It is possible! With as busy as the modern family is, there’s usually not a lot of time leftover for hours of pruning and mowing and yard up-keep (and wouldn’t you rather be spending that time with your loved ones?). Low maintenance landscaping is a huge trend for 2019, and includes the integration of irrigation systems to keep your lawn and plants well-watered, as well as the inclusion of plants and trees that don’t require a lot of trimming or maintenance. In some cases, people are choosing to replace their grass with artificial grass that never needs mowed and stays green all-year long, which is not only beautiful but is eco-friendly due to less water usage!

Coastal Bend Native Plants

Fuss-Free and Native Plants

Choosing plants that are native to the climate and soil conditions of where you live means they’ll be self-sustaining and will naturally flourish. This includes picking perennials over annuals so you don’t have to re-do all your landscaping each year with new plants. If you’re looking for something easy for your front yard, evergreen shrubs or various types of succulents are resilient plants that are also beautiful! If you’re not sure what is native to the area you live, check with a local nursery or do a quick search online for solid recommendations.

 Paving and Walkways

 Adding stone paving or walkways to your yard is a quick way to get rid of some of your high-maintenance lawn, and can integrate into a great entertaining space (make it complete with a fire pit). This is also a great way to minimize wear and tear on your lawn if there’s paths you and your family frequently take through the yard. There’s plenty of different natural stones or brick to pick from, and you can color match to your house, or pick a unique color to stand out amongst all the greenery!

Potted Plants

 Potted plants are a great option if you like to frequently change up the way your yard looks. With no holes to dig in the ground, pots make moving around your favorite plants easier than ever, and you have control over how big you’d like your plants to get; a bigger pot usually means a bigger plant! Pots are also a great way to introduce some color or texture into your space, and they come in many durable materials like concrete, terra cotta, or bright colored ceramic. It just depends on the aesthetic you’d like for your landscaping!

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