Coastal Home Care – If you’re leaving the cold fall and winter of the northern states for your beach home a little closer to the equator, the weather at your beach home will almost always be warmer than the rest of the country October through March. However, just because the weather isn’t below 0 and frigid doesn’t mean that your beach home doesn’t need a little prep for the cooler months! It’s better to be prepared than sorry after-the-fact.

How do you winterize a beach house?

Below are three tips to help you with your cool weather beach house preparation:


Coastal Home Care – Protect your comfortable indoor temperatures by finding and filling cracks and corners that could let in drafts! Take some time to add proper insulation to all of your doors, windows, and other areas that could let in uncomfortable cold drafts. This will help not only to prevent cold air from getting into your home, but it will help keep your warm air inside from escaping. Heavy duty door stoppers are a great option for heavy main doors in and out of the home such as the entryway door or attached garage door.

Look Up

It’s easy to forgot about what’s above you! Before the weather cools off, examine your roof and gutters. Keep an eye out to prevent the onset of water damage that can occur on both the roof and walls. You’ll also want to look for the buildup of leaves, debris, and any other gunk or junk. Neglecting these areas of the home can result in adding weight that could cause cracks, leaks, or even collapse. No thanks!

How do I winterize my plumbing vacation home?

Take Care of Pipes

Wintering pipes isn’t just for Michigan winters! Winterize your beach house pipes, which will help to prevent them from falling victim to freezing and bursting. Bursting pipes can result in flooding and water damage that can cost an exorbitant amount of money to repair. The best way to winterize your pipes is to wrap them in proper amounts of insulation. If you plan on leaving your beach house for the winter season, it may also be a good idea to turn the entire water supply off in order to further prevent the pipes themselves from bursting.

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