Soft sand… a gentle breeze…quiet waves lapping the shore… There’s nothing quite like peacefully coasting through life along the waterfront. Many people set their sights on owning a waterfront property at some point in their lives. Have you dreamed of owning a house on the water, but have put off taking the plunge into the real estate market? Here are four reasons to buy waterfront property in Texas right now.


These are The Covid Times. As stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures remain in place, and the coronavirus pandemic stubbornly persists, the ability to escape the limiting walls of our urban and suburban homes is even more important than ever before. With so many places usually visited when an escape is needed limiting business hours as well as the number of people allowed entry or service, most of America is rediscovering outdoor spaces; but many playgrounds, parks, and other greenspaces are off limits at this time. But waterfront homes for sale in Texas—in Corpus Christi and other spots along the Gulf Coast—have some level of access to the beach that provides opportunities for fitness and exercise activities in the fresh air and sunshine. We know that time outside by the water can positively impact our health and wellness and decrease stress; so, concern for our physical and mental well-being makes now an excellent time to invest in waterfront property. 


Another great reason to buy beachfront property right now is that it is an investment in a strong sense of community. This close-knit community feeling seems inherent to most waterfront neighborhoods, and allows for people who live in coastal communities to experience a kind of connection to one another as water-loving members of a small enclave who are fortunate to have access to the water. The society vibe drives residents to be socially invested in the community and involved in the care and keeping of the area, because they value waterfront living on personal level, and love sharing their water-focused interests with other likeminded residents. This is what really makes a beach house feel like home.


Waterfront living can also feel very much like a year-round vacation for residents; and in this time of lockdowns and quarantines, that is a major draw for anyone thinking about buying a waterfront home on the Texas Gulf Coast. Business and hobbies in a beach community are based around the ocean and range from fishing and boating and other water sports to beachcombing and picnicking on the seashore and other outdoor recreation opportunities. And with beautiful views in a peaceful atmosphere, every day can be a day of rest and relaxation when you own a beachfront home.


An additional motive for buying a beach property on the Texas coast is the fact that waterfront properties are excellent investments. The premium location of these homes increases demand for them—the views and access to the water are key. Demand for waterfront properties is often greater than the supply; this means that they retain their value well. As a bonus, if you ever need a source of more passive income, owning a waterfront property is great in terms of rental value.

All these reasons likely have you asking yourself, “Is there a waterfront property for sale near me, or near the Texas beach town where I have dreamed of living?” If you are interested in viewing available beachfront homes for sale in Texas on or near the Texas coast, WEICHERT, REALTORS® – The Place of Houses is the real estate agency for you. With decades of experience, the Corpus Christi-based company employs waterfront real estate specialists who offer exceptional guidance to their clients as only experts can. Contact WEICHERT, REALTORS® – The Place of Houses so the professional real estate team can help you to find your very own waterfront dream come true.

Written by: Erika Mehlhaff