If you own a beach home on the Texas Gulf Coast, you surely enjoy spending most of your time walking through the foamy surf or relaxing with your toes in the warm sand of the seashore. That likely means you want to spend as little of your beach time as possible doing yard work. But your garden and landscape can’t take care of itself! So what’s a beach lover like you to do? Make sure you have low-maintenance plantings throughout your property, of course!


The searing sun, salty breezes, humidity, and sand all make for a troublesome environment for coastal plantings to thrive. These conditions make it difficult for many coastal gardens and landscapes to survive. But there are some hardy plants that can withstand the extremes.


According to the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map of the South Central United States, the Texas Gulf Coast is mainly covered by Zone 9. Plants that are salt-tolerant and water-wise are the best choices to include in your low-maintenance beach house garden. This is because the extreme saltiness and sandiness of the soil around coastal homes do not hold water and nutrients well enough for most plants to absorb those things satisfactorily. Furthermore, the salt may cause plants to suffer things like leaf burn, leaf drop, or even death. That’s why it is important to choose salt-tolerant plants for your beach house gardening and landscaping needs.


3 salt-tolerant plants you might consider including in the landscaping at your beach house are bougainvillea vines, creeping moss rose, and Canary Island date palm trees. Bougainvillea vines are common in coastal areas. They have tiny flowers but offer showy color by way of their large modified leaves called bracts. They come in many different shades including red, pink, purple, orange, yellow, and white.


Moss rose is a salt- and drought-tolerant creeping annual that flowers in a wide array of colors. It is a species of succulent that only grows to a few inches in height but spreads as a dense groundcover. Its flowers are small and dainty, resembling miniature roses. Note: moss rose flowers are toxic to dogs and cats, so this plant is often included in hanging baskets or container plantings that family pets cannot access.


The Canary Island date palm is another excellent thing to plant as part of your coastal landscape. This type of palm tree tolerates salt well; and it can withstand the cold to 18°F, which is helpful during the very short-lived, but harsh freezes that can occur over a week or so in winter. It is known for its dense arching fronds that contribute to its beauty. It is salt-tolerant and drought-resistant and doesn’t mind the salt spray that is characteristic of coastal living.

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