2020 Home Design Trends – The decade is coming to a close, and 2020 will be here in just a few weeks! That being said, trend experts are beginning to gear up to predict what will be the hottest trends for home décor, furniture, and interior design. What do you think will be popular in the upcoming year? We’re going to go through some possible trends to keep an eye on if you like to stay on-trend with your home décor and living spaces!

Latest Interior Design Trends

Bold is the Move

2020 could possibly mark the return of the formal dining room, marking it as a “cool” place to entertain, host dinners for family and friends, and generally just hang out in because it’s a place you want to be. Stuffy and overly-formal dining rooms will be a market of the past, and 2020 will the vision of vibrancy to life! Tend experts are predicting that bold patterns (think larger-than-life floral wallpaper), bold colors, meaningful or significant artwork, and eye-catching and quirky light fixtures will be all the rage. Think of the dining room as its own space outside of the rest of your rooms that gives a home to décor and design that wouldn’t normally fit anywhere else in your home.

Can I put a chair in bathroom?

Washroom Lounges

When you’re not hurriedly getting ready for work in the morning, the bathroom is a place to slow-down and spend a little time on yourself – this could look like relaxing with a glass of wine in a tub, putting on a face mask, or primping for a night out. Trend experts are predicting that 2020 will bring a sense of luxury into your bathroom with lounge type seating that isn’t the toilet! Modern bathrooms are beginning to emulate the feeling of an in-home spa, and the addition of comfortable and luxurious stools, window seats and benches will really bring the room together. Seating next to a vanity of bathtub could be incorporated as part of a nighttime skincare routine or a catch-all for extra towels, books, or luxury bath products.

Decorative Kitchen Pieces

2020 Home Design Trends – One other interesting trend that’s being predicted involves one of our favorite rooms in a home – the kitchen. More specifically, the predicted trend in question is wood range hoods as decorative pieces! More prevalent in farmhouse-style kitchens, and something that would most definitely be approved by Joanna Gaines, warm wood textures and features are now making their way to spaces that are more unconventional in nature.

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